Magnolia School District’s Dual Immersion Program Continues to Expand

The Spanish dual immersion program teaches students to speak, read and write in Spanish while maintaining rigorous academics in English.  The goal is for the students to be biliterate and bilingual in both English and Spanish. Research shows that students who are fluent in more than one language receive many cognitive benefits from bilingualism, including higher academic performance and career and college readiness!

The Orange County Department of Education has established the Pathways to Biliteracy Awards recognizing benchmarks towards bilingualism and biliteracy. These pathways awards are designed to recognize students and encourage the pursuit of language skills in two or more languages.  The Bilingual Pathway Award is intended for students exiting Kindergarten for their participation and academic efforts in the Dual Language Immersion program. In addition, the Pursuit of Biliteracy Award is intended for students exiting 3rd and 6th grade. Each award has specific criteria students must obtain in order to receive it. Magnolia is very proud to honor these students each May.

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