Magnolia School District Recognized with Distinguished California Education Honor

Magnolia School District received its award at a well-attended reception and ceremony on December 5, 2019, at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. The awards ceremony was part of CSBA’s Annual Education Conference and Trade Show held December 5-7 in San Diego. The conference is the premier continuing education event for California school boards and the largest education leadership conference in the state.

Magnolia School District received the Golden Bell Award for their Summer L2 Academy that provides upper grade English learners with five extra weeks of high quality, targeted instruction in language and literacy. Each year, hundreds of students District-wide are identified and invited to participate based upon language proficiency. The program is designed for students who have been identified as “Long-Term English Learners” – those who have remained at the same level of proficiency on the California English language assessments for two or more years. These students often have strong conversational English skills, but struggle with higher-level academic language, reading, and writing skills necessary to attain true fluency in English. During the MSD Summer L2 Academy hundreds of English learners develop higher levels of academic English through active participation in rigorous, interactive and fun instructional units that integrate science, social studies, and technology. This program has made a real difference for English learners in Magnolia School District!

“The MSD Summer L2 Academy is a model program that truly highlights a commitment to closing the achievement gap for our English language learners. Year after year our students show tremendous growth on our pre- and post-assessments and on state testing.” – Dr. Frank Donavan, District Superintendent, Magnolia School District

A judging panel composed of experts from school districts and county offices of education across the state reviewed written entries and made initial recommendations. On-site validators then reviewed the recommendations and assessed the programs in action. This year’s Golden Bell winners demonstrated that they are addressing student needs through areas such as equity and access, school climate and safety, technology and wellness.

“Now more than ever is a time to acknowledge and celebrate innovative and impactful programs that make a difference in the lives of our young people,” said CSBA CEO & Executive Director Vernon M. Billy. “This year’s Golden Bell winners truly serve as beacons of success as we work to more fully and equitably serve all of California’s public school students.”